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Basic information on courses

  • Club Courses are held on weekdays
  • Courses are held in the evening
  • There is no age limit (except in the case of a juvenile who requires the attachment of a parent)
  • You do not need a partner
  • You do not need any special equipment

To enter one or more of the offered courses, all you need to do is fill out the application form and follow the details that will be sent to you later. 

When writing, please pay attention to the following (if stated): 

  • Course time and venue
  • Start date of the course
  • Number of participants
  • Special benefits

You can find details on the courses on the course links (where the schedule is located) or on schedule. 
You can also follow the link below to view the schedule:

You can find more information about the courses on our website, but you can also contact us through our various channels.

You can also go to some of our dance nights, see how dance looks and consult with some of the instructors. Just tell us to find it easier.

About the courses

See which dances you can sign up with us

See which courses we have on offer and how they function by clicking on the name of the dance. 

You can get information, videos and dance details on each of these styles. Also, each dance at the bottom contains a link to the entry. 

For individual courses we have several levels depending on the weight of the elements being taught and presented material.

At the same time, we maintain "special" courses that occur occasionally depending on the student's interest.

Equally during the season we are doing workshops and exercises.

Advanced Courses

We also maintain advanced courses that take place in regular terms and serve to improve your dance activities.


Degrees and duration

Which levels exist, how long the courses last, and what the program looks like

Each of the dance styles has two or a few weights. 


How much does the course cost and how to join


one course a month
kn 200 Per month
  • 4 runs per month
  • Only JAZZ 1 is activated
  • Free dance
  • Discounts on club activities
  • Trainings


two courses per month
€ 400
kn 250 Per month
  • 4 runs per month, two courses
  • Only JAZZ 1 is activated
  • Free dance
  • Discounts on club activities
  • Trainings


three courses +
kn 300 Per month
  • 4 runs per month, three courses + specials
  • Only JAZZ 1 is activated
  • Free dance
  • Discounts on club activities
  • Trainings


Articles related to entries

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