Lindy hop

Lindy Hop is the most prominent and most popular dance dancing on Swing Music. Get to know him and enter the course.


Leisurely 50%

Dance on

Sporu, srednju i vrlo brzu glazbu

Levels of

Initial, middle, advanced, acrobatics, action groups


Swing, Neo Swing, Electro Swing, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Rhytm and Blues, Jazz



lindy hop tečaj back to swing zagreb

Lindy Hop Zagreb Back to swingThe most widespread and most vibrant of the swing dance family. Lindy hop was the leader of a swing revival that started in the '80s, flourished in the' 90s, and returned to the life of music and dance of the '30s.

It was a time when swing was a hype, in which big bands by night clubs drank jazz. They played music to dance on her. They encouraged each other (dance players and dancer players) to innovate and improvise, so both dance and music developed together. Technically, roots draw from charleston from the 1920's and tap jazz.

They are paired in pairs and are switched to closed, open and parallel hold. It can dance to all ranges of music, so depending on speed, it comes across different faces, different styles and different intensity of energy and connection between partners. As dancers work harder, this dance will be full of improvisations on either music, rhythm or movement.

The three things you'll notice in lindy hop are: relaxation, improvisation and smiling.

Lindy Hop is a dance for you:

If you like dynamic and rich music of various dynamic ranges and styles

If you like different speeds of dance 

You like to improvise and play in dance

If you are looking for dance with a bunch of movements you can always complement yourself

If you are looking for dance that is deeply musical and movable

Seek dance with acrobatics at higher levels

How to apply?

Sve što trebate je ispuniti upisnicu i doći na prvi termin tečaja (upisnicu možete naći ispod).

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Prijave traju i nakon navedenog, predviđenog početka tečaja.
Nakon prijave dobiti ćete sve informacije putem elektronske pošte. Molimo vas provjerite da li vam je potvrda prijave stigla.


Degrees and duration



start, middle, advanced, group, acrobatics




initial 3 months
medium 4 months
advanced 2 months +


Slow, medium and fast music. Open hold. Numerous figures and techniques. Several variations of dance. Improvisation, rhythm and acrobatics. Musicality.

About the dance program we can print text pages and bother you with unreasonable terms. Instead of writing huge amounts of text here, we prefer to contact us directly (either by phone or in person) and come to the course where you will find out all the steps and information about how our courses look like.


You can view details on instructors in separate course terms. Each of the instructors is educated by top dancers and periodically perfected outside of Croatia.

Almost all instructors are recognized in foreign competitions where they have achieved top-notch results or have taught at some of the prestigious festivals,


19. August 2019. - 25. August 2019.


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19. August 2019. - 25. August 2019.

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