Authentic solo jazz

Authentic solo jazz dance is not a partner, all of its segments are usable in most other dances and is extremely moving and fun.


Music speed

Levels of

Initial, middle, advanced, acrobatics, action groups


Swing, Neo Swing, Electro Swing, Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Rhytm and Blues, Jazz



Authentic solo jazz as the name says, dancing solo, not in pairs (20s charleston is a separate term). Steps and figures that no one else needs and where you can enjoy yourself are working.

Steps are interesting, fun and always challenging. It is possible to dance to absolutely all kinds of music (from swing to electro swing, past and hip hop or literally anything else). That's why it can be useful even in disco clubs.

It is also useful for dancers lindy hopa, jer pospješuje tehniku kretanja i gibanja te budi samosvijest o pokretima tijela pa tako olakšava improvizacije unutar plesanja u paru.

Solo jazz is an indispensable part of the Swing World and at each major festival are held competitions in this discipline

Solo Jazz is a dance for you if:

You like dancing yourself

You like to experiment with movements and rhythms

You're prone to improvisation

You want to improve understanding of body movement and self-creativity

Looking for ways to complete other dances


All you have to do is fill in the enrollment and get to the first course term.

Additional information and a small reminder will be obtained before the end of the day with additional instructions on the location at which the course will be held.

Click the button and you will open the box with your enrollment.

Degrees and duration




2 months +


Without a partner. Medium fast and slow music. Improvisation + choreography. Numerous elements.
* a fantastic addition to Lindy Hop
About the dance program we can print text pages and bother you with unreasonable terms. Instead of writing huge amounts of text here, we prefer to contact us directly (either by phone or in person) and come to the course where you will find out all the steps and information about how our courses look like.


You can view details on instructors in separate course terms. Each of the instructors is educated by top dancers and periodically perfected outside of Croatia.

Almost all instructors are recognized in foreign competitions where they have achieved top-notch results or have taught at some of the prestigious festivals,


14. January 2019. - 20. January 2019.


Tuesday (15. January 2019.)
19:00 - 20:15 Solo Jazz tečaj 2 - Helena Kanini Kiiru
Authentic Solo Jazz tečaj je prigodan za sve koji žele iskušati svoje sposobnosti kretanja na glazbu bez partnera....

14. January 2019. - 20. January 2019.


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